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  • Self-management support is when health professionals, teams and services (both within and beyond the NHS) work in ways that ensure that people with long-term conditions have the knowledge, skills, confidence and support they need to manage their...
  • This directory of person-centred care organisations around the world was produced as part of an international environment scan of the field of person-centred care undertaken by Health Policy Partnership.
  • This document links through to all Health Foundation programmes and publications related to Person-centred care.


We all know the feeling. The one where you’ve got a great idea but you just don’t quite seem to be able to make happen. It could be that you’re not sure where to start, you don’t know who can help you, or that you’re struggling to persuade others that it’s worth giving it a go.

Ubuntu is a powerful African concept which was fundamental to building post-Apartheid South Africa, and which has at its heart compassion, high regard for human life and shared humanity.

Self-management support is becoming more and more accepted as part of the way health care should bedelivered.