Train the trainer

Training people to self-manage is a skilled job and needs to be done by people who are properly trained, supervised and supported.

The facilitators are the single most important resource for any programme providing training for people with long term conditions. It is therefore essential that the right people are recruited and that they are appropriately trained, supervised and supported to fulfil their role

People who are going to run training for new trainers should themselves have already run a minimum of five workshops for people with long term conditions and be fully conversant in behaviour change theory and practice including self-efficacy, patient activation and health literacy. You will also need mechanisms to quality assure what they do and for refreshing learning.

Some key things to think about when planning training are:

  • Do you currently have the skills and experience to run training?
  • Is it possible, practical and effective to run training for trainers internally, or do you need to commission an external organisation to run it for you?
  • How does the training fit with your local Learning and Development strategy?
  • How many trainers do you need, and what does this imply for the number of people you need to recruit to the course and how many courses you need to run?
  • Who should you recruit to the training?
  • How will you ensure the quality of the training and the competence of people completing the training?
  • How will you ensure that adequate supervision and ongoing training and development is in place for your tutors once they have completed the training?
  • Can you draw upon external resources to provide supervision?
  • How will you evaluate the effectiveness and quality of training?
  • What metrics will you use to monitor the ongoing quality of your trainers and facilitators?

Things that will help your training programme to be effective include:

  • Link the training into the Long Term Condition strategy, so it can be used across multiple areas.
  • Ensure you are regularly recruiting and training trainers to combat high attrition rates amongst tutors.
  • Look at existing resources such as health trainers who may already have some of the basic skills.