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Whilst the structures and systems for planning and funding services are different in the different parts of the UK, they are all grappling with the same challenge: how do we create a different kind of NHS; one person-centred care is an every day reality?

Shared decision making and self-management support are at the very heart of of person-centred care. There is already a lot of evidence, confirming their positive impact on patient satisfaction and value for money.  However, there is much less knowledge about how to successfully shift NHS culture and practice so they happen at scale.

This section provides a starting point for planning and funding (commissioning) shared decision making and self-management support and we need your help to develop it further  

Throughout these pages we have included questions so we can understand what is important from your perspective and learn about any approaches, tools or techniques that you are already using that are working well and helping embed these approaches at scale.  Please go beyond answering our questions too - we are interested in all your views.   


We would like to thank Alf Collins, Clinical Associate, The Health Foundation, Jim Phillips, Director, Manage Your Own Health, Georgina Craig, National Director of the Experience Led Commissioning Programme, Sarah Pallis, Islington CCG and Mary Price, Lead Health Promotion and Supporting Self Management, Whittington Health for their help in developing this section so far.

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To whom it may concern, I am a nurse lecturer at University of Surrey. I have a keen interest in developing a tool/app for use by advanced practitioners (nurses and allied health professions) to assess how they deliver person-centred care, and how this can be used as a role outcome measure? I would appreciate some discussion on this, and if it is possible? Thank you Mary (07973230209)
by Mary Raleigh
Hello, I run a software company that is working with the NHS in Wales collecting feedback from patients. We are also working in England collecting feedback from people (and their relatives) using social care services. The feedback and ratings we gather will be used for commissioning of services. I would like to tell you more about how we are using the patient voice to improve the patient experience. Best regards, Mark
by Mark Sader

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