Developing the 'Ask 3 Questions' campaign to raise people's awareness of shared decision making

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This case study describes how the team in Cardiff working on the Health Foundation's MAGIC programme developed the 'Ask 3 Questions' campaign based on research by Shepherd et al. at the University of Sydney.

The main aims of the campaign is to increase patients’ awareness of shared decision making; increase their expectations for a shared decision making consultation; and provide them with a way of taking part in shared decision making. The campaign aims to achieve this by encouraging patients to get answers to three simple questions when they are asked to make a healthcare decision:


  1. What are my options?
  2. What are the possible benefits and risks of those options?
  3. How likely are the possible benefits and risks of each option to occur?
  4. p>It also encourages patients to think about ‘what’s important to me’ when making the decisions (using the strapline ‘we want to know what’s important to you’), ensuring that personal preferences are discussed with the health care professional and considered in relation to the different outcomes.

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