Every moment counts: a narrative for person centred coordinated care for people near the end of life

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Every Moment Counts: a narrative for person centred coordinated care for people near the end of life sets out how good, coordinated – or integrated – care looks to people near the end of life and is written from their point of view. It draws on surveys, the testimonies of bereaved carers, the experience of end of life care charities and the reflections of professionals that highlighted failures in coordinating and personalising the different elements of end of life care.

Every Moment Counts outlines five themes that people say are key to coordinated care near the end of life. These are summarised in the defining statement:

“I can make the last stage of my life as good as possible because everyone works together confidently, honestly and consistently to help me and the people who are important to me, including my carer(s).”

Further ‘I statements’ set out in more detail the things people have said they want their care and support to look like, such as:

“I have timely and honest conversations with those engaged in my care, support and treatment.”

“I can remain in control as much as possible. This is recognised as a key goal in my care.”

“I am confident that the people who are important to me will have the opportunity to get support with bereavement before and after my death.”

“Things that need to happen, do so quickly.”

Every Moment Counts takes account of the NICE Quality Standard* that focuses on the last 12 months of life and declares that that: “People approaching the end of life receive consistent care that is coordinated effectively across all relevant settings and services at any time of day or night”.

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