Facilitating diabetes consultations through sharing blood test information


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Given as part of a conference on health literacy, this presentation sets out the importance of communicating blood test results in a way that people can understand in advance of their appointment, and sets out a series of approaches to providing information that easily understood and meaningful to the person with diabetes.

The presentation shows both how the format and design of the information was developed, and the format and design that was used.

 A pilot with 1,800 people and 8 GP practices found that 

  • 72% said the information was easy to understand
  • 73% said getting it before appointment helped
  • 76% said it made it easier to talk to doctor / nurse
  • 90% would like it again

The presenter concluded that sharing information in this way led to positive health behaviours, suggesting people have taken greater control of their diabetes, and enhanced consultations with doctors and nurses.

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