No assumptions: a narrative for personalised, coordinated care and support in mental health

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This document describes some critical outcomes and success factors in the care, support and treatment of people who use mental health services, from their perspective.

It offers a definition of personalised, coordinated care in mental health, agreed by people who use mental health services and people who work in health and social care; a series of ‘I statements’, expressing what personalised, coordinated care looks and feels like; and some case studies of personalised, coordinated care in practice.  It is intended to help commissioners and service providers to organise person-centred care and recovery-oriented support for mental and physical health, and to know when they are achieving it.

The document defines personalised, coordinated care and support in mental health from the perspective of the person using services as:

When I need support for my mental health, people work together, respecting my culture, my goals and my experience, to deliver fast access, peer support and flexible, responsive care for my physical and mental health needs at the same time.

This is followed by a series of 'I statements' describing how personalised, co-ordinated care looks and feels in practice, covering: who I am; what’s important to me; how I wish to be supported; and how people behave with me.  It then sets out a series of case studies showing the different 'I statements' in practice, with links to further information.

This work was commissioned and endorsed by NHS England, and will be shared with the 13 other national system-leading organisations in the integrated care and support collaborative, including the Department of Health, ADASS, LGA and the health and social care regulators.

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