One person, one team, one system: Report of the Independent Commission on Whole Person Care for the Labour Party

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The report describes the case for change and the need to achieve services where the needs of one person are addressed by people acting as one team, from organisations behaving as one system.  It sets out how a more integrated system should look and how it can be achieved, including co-management and shared decision making.

The report sets out the context for providing whole person care and the challenges in the existing way that services are planned, organised and provided.  

It argues that if the direct experiences of people using health and care services is going to change, then the way that those services are delivered will also have to change.  Delivering the type of care which responds to our changing needs will mean re-aligning how professionals work so that they act as one team, who work with people to plan and coordinate their care to support them in achieving the outcomes that matter to them.

The paper argues that if whole person care is to work, then the ability to share information and data across organisations is crucial. Information governance is important, but it should be the servant of the process, not the master. It sets out the need for and an approach to embedding the meaningful use of information as a core part of the way that health and care is commissioned and provided.

It further sets out how whole person care should not only include joining up services to respond to the health and care needs of the population, it should also involve a whole systems approach to supporting people to stay healthy in their minds and bodies throughout their lives – from childhood through to old age.

The paper acknowledges the financial challenges and sets out some approaches that local organisations can use to mitigate these.

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