Tools to explore staff experience of implementing shared decision making

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The teams in Cardiff and Newcastle working on the Health Foundation’s MAGIC programme developed a series of tools to help them understand the progress they had made in implementing shared decision making, the challenges and some of the approaches to overcoming these. 

This resource contains five tools designed to help individuals and teams measure their progress and understand the challenges and successes.

Reflective feedback tool (early)

This template asks a series of structured questions as a mechanism to help teams to record their view of the progress they have made in implementing shared decision making and provide a summary that can be used for feedback to a wider audience.


Reflective feedback tool (late)

This template is designed to help teams who have already been working to implement shared decision making for some time to reflect on their achievements, consider how the changes they have made can be sustained and explore their priorities going forward. 


Most significant change: interview template

The ‘Most Significant Change’ Interview Schedule sets out a series of questions to enable teams to determine the impact of their work to implement shared decision making.  The core feature of Most Significant Change (MSC) is the use of an open-ended question, such as 'Looking back over the last 6 months, what do you think was the most specific change to your view of shared decision making with head and neck cancer patients?'


Shared decision making team feedback tool

This tool is designed to help people involved in implementing shared decision making to reflect on both their own approach and their team’s approach to shared decision making. It lists out a series of statements and the person completing the survey must identify the statements that most closely reflect their own approach to shared decision making and the statements which they believe most closely reflect the approach to shared decision making within their wider team.


Template for interview with the clinical lead

This template provides the questions for a semi-structured interview to assess progress and challenges in implementing shared decision making.   Although designed for an interview with the clinical lead, it could be used with any member of the team, and can provide information on the process of implementing shared decision making and how the process might be adapted.


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