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This paper reviews the case for change in the English health and care system and considers how to move towards a ‘whole person care’ approach. It sets out broad themes on creating a health and care system that is fit for the future, including the importance of coordinating care around individuals over and above integrating structures, and how this can be achieved.

The paper argues that moves towards whole person care should build on the current enthusiasm for integrating services but go much further in making this the core aim of service improvement over the next decade.  It recommends that a number of person-centred guarantees are at the heart of the vision for whole person care, focused on people with long-term conditions and older people:

  • a single point of contact for all care needs
  • access to other people with the same condition who can provide peer support
  • online access to personal health and care records and the ability to share these
  • a personalised care plan covering health and social care
  • the option of a personal budget, where this is helpful.

It sets out that the conditions needed to achieve this are:

  • a long-term investment midn-set
  • aligned incentives
  • effective use of technology
  • flexible workforce

The paper sets out some approaches to achieving these, including a focus on co-ordinating care around individuals, rather than on structural integration.

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