Using CQUIN indicators to drive commissioning and implementation of shared decision making

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This case study describes how the team in Newcastle working on the Health Foundation’s MAGIC programme to implement shared decision making worked with commissioners to develop a CQUIN for shared decision making.

It sets out the requirements of the CQIN and work by the MAGIC team to:

  • Identify 3 clinical pathways where there are treatment choice/options to implement shared decision making 
  • Conduct a survey of patients regarding the experience of their involvement and their perception of the decision process 
  • Provide education in shared decision making skills through lead clinicians attending shared decision making advanced skills workshops 
  • Disseminate the ‘Ask 3 questions’ patient awareness-raising materials in outpatient clinics 
  • Review with the clinical teams patient information material and support tools to discuss options in the patient pathway 
  • Incorporate details of options discussed with patients and their stated preferences in the clinical record and letters to GPs following outpatient appointments, or inpatient episodes.

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