Regaining trust after an adverse event

This guide offers detailed and thorough advice on communicating with patients effectively after a harmful patient safety event. While it is targeted at general practitioners, the advice is valuable and relevant to a wide range of healthcare professionals.

Speak up - prevent errors in your care

This short video from The Joint Commission in the US is targeted at patients and helps them to understand how they can help to monitor and intervene to prevent potential patient safety issues in their care

The role of the patient in clinical safety

In this thought paper, Dr Rebecca Lawton and Dr Gerry Armitage look at ways to involve patients in clinical safety and the readiness of patients and health professionals to adopt new roles.

Using patient stories with boards

This guide from Patient Safety First provides practical guidance to leaders who want to use patient stories with their boards - advice which is relevant to all those who aim to use and work with patient stories to improve safety


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